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Casystem Solution is the first-to-market technology-management consulting and project -based contracting/outsourcing company focused on serving the Converged Communications and IT marketplace for next-generation Convergence technologies. The company offers consulting, outsourcing and technology services and solutions to Communications and IT clients both on the commercial and the government sides.

The Company offers significant competitive advantages to clients in the growing markets for Next-Generation Converged Communications and IT products and services. Several key strengths distinguish Casystem Solution in the Converged Communications and IT marketplace. The key strengths are: extensive Communications and IT industry expertise; superior track record in delivering consulting services; patented services and domain-based consulting methodologies; and a history of business and technology innovation. Staff augmentation. For all our services we utilize Casystem Solution Methodologies developed and delivered to our customers via carefully understanding and applying the most innovative, value-driven solutions and best-practices in the industry.

Casystem Solution is a Consulting, Contracting/Outsourcing and Technology services solution provider. The company was founded in 2010 and has its principal office in the Accra - Tesano, Ghana. Created to delivering innovation and achievement, Casystem Solution collaborates with primarily Converged Communications and IT clients to help them become Value-Driven entities. Casystem’s "Value -Driven Solutions Delivered" service philosophy relies on our expertise in end-to-end consulting, know-how of technology markets, deep understanding of emerging/current/legacy technologies and outsourcing models to help clients achieve "Value-Driven Solutions" so they in turn can "Deliver" on "Consistently-Growing" values for their customers and all stakeholders.

Using our services we help clients around the world:
• Evaluate and acquire new markets, technologies and systems.
• Create prototypes, pilots and Proof-of-Concepts.
• Develop and launch new products and services.
• Market Expansion of new and existing services.
• Reposition and Sustain existing offerings.
• Implement new/major upgrades of systems and infrastructure.
• Improve operational excellence from existing services and systems.
• Create the best-of-breed customers and partners.

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Shadrack Ampomah

Maxwell Manu

Priscilla Mensah

Evelyn Ampomah

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Our belief is that we have "Critical-Value-Relationships" with the world's leading converged communications companies and all entities which utilize their products and services. Among the much strength that distinguishes Casystem Solution in the Converged Communications & IT marketplace.

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